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  • Hi, I'm Dean Fischer C.E.O. of Hometown Reach, and I've been using Stinger videos in conjunction with my local business seo services. This is a very useful piece of software; it has more than tripled my sales. I am now able to get businesses ranked (in Google through video marketing) that before would have taken a lot more work than it does with the Stinger video software... click here to hear the full testimonial!
  • Hi, this is Glenn from First Acts Marketing.. the thing which totally blew my mind was how soon my video started showing up in Google.. I think it was just 3 days, though it could be even less.. and by the way I'm also a big fan of how easy your software is.. This is probably amongst the handful of software that I've been able to use off the bat.. never even had to read the manual.. great stuff guys! click here to hear the full testimonial!
  • It takes just about 2-3 minutes to create a video and I'm already seeing some very positive results.. one video that I created a few days back and uploaded to youtube has brought me over 700 targeted hits in just the last few days.. best part is I didn't even upload the video myself.. stingervideos automatically did the uploading for me too! click here to hear the full testimonial!
  • Hi, this is Cate from I am a graphic arts designer, and have clients who need to be able to promote their products with video... The first video I made looked... amazing. And it literally took 3 minutes to make. My clients are pretty thrilled with the traffic to their websites! click here to hear the full testimonial!

What are Stinger Videos?

StingerVideos is the easiest way to instantly create a marketing video for your products. Just answer a few simple questions about your product and based on it our software automatically scripts and creates a killer marketing video with stunning 3D animation and sound effects (with hollywood movie trailer like look and feel). This is not a template video, but rather your whole video is created on the fly based on your answers. This is also the reason why no two stingervideos ever look alike! Click here to see some sample videos created automatically by our software.

By creating a Stinger Video you can too:

Create a marketing video for your product in 3 minutes or less!
Harness the Power of Video and YouTube Marketing to drive tons of laser targeted traffic to your website!
Create curiosity by building suspenseful videos that compel viewers to visit your site after watching!
Get tons of backlinks from video sharing sites to your own site!
Get your video on Google's first page in just 24 hours!

Apart from making promotional marketing videos, using StingerVideos you can also create the following type of videos:

  Product Intro Videos
  Product Comparison Videos
  Secret Report Videos
  Affiliate Bonuses Offer Videos
  How To Do Something Videos
  Product Alternative Videos
  Review Guide Videos
  Coupon Codes Videos
  Product Launch Videos
  Custom Marketing Videos
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