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“Easily create Hollywood-style Epic Marketing videos for your
products or services - in just 3 minutes or less!”

Using Stinger Videos™ is a breeze!
1. Enter the name of your product and it's domain name:
2. Answer a few simple questions about your product or service
3. For best results, keep your answers simple and use only short phrases!
4. It barely takes a minute to answer these!
5. Based on your input, the wizard will now generate some headlines, catch-phrases, call-to-action commands and text to use in your video
6. Select the best sounding sentences from the list
7. You can even edit your selection for correction or tweaks!
8. Choose a video theme to customize your video
9. That's it! You're done.. The software will now process your input and based on it, create a killer sales for you!
10. Your epic hollywood style video is now ready for preview and distribution!
11. Use Video Submit Robot (a free-bonus tool that comes with your StingerVideos membership) to distribute your video to 14+ video sharing sites - all automatically in one stroke!
There are 8 other different wizard types to create even more types of videos, including the Product Intro Video Wizard, Product Comparison Video Wizard, Secret Report Video Wizard, Affiliate Bonuses Offer Video Wizard, "How To Do Something" Video Wizard, Product Alternative Video Wizard, Review Guide Video Wizard, Coupon Codes Video Wizard, Product Launch Video Wizard!

You can try it for free! Just click the button below to start your 14-day free trial!